Query Generator
Query Generator is another great addition to the NHibernate community from Ayende (http://www.ayende.com). The tool reads your NHibernate (or in our case Active Record) maps and generates a LINQ-like structure that builds the criteria objects for you. If you have read any of the documentation about NHibernate, it has great power, but can get confusing rather quickly. Query Generator looks to solve these issues for the easier and less complex criteria objects.

For more information about Query Generator check out http://www.ayende.com/projects/downloads/nhibernate-query-generator.aspx

Another great tool from Ayende is the Query Analyzer. This tool allows you load your Nhibernate maps and test them before you get runtime errors. Very cool. For more information about Query Analyzer check out http://www.ayende.com/projects/nhibernate-query-analyzer.aspx

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